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Lightning Batching System

Lightning Batching System

RexCon introduced the new Lightning batching system. This new control builds on the already very successful RexCon Control and Communication Center (RC3). The Lightning system, which is a new state-of-the art Programmble Logic Controller (PLC), utilizes a high-speed Ethernet communication port for an extremely fast batching control. The new PLC can be updated with a USB ash drive that can also be used to back up the system.

The PLC CPU, power supply, I/O relays and associated I/O modules are all mounted in a DIN rail, allowing additional modules to be added at the customer site and replaced quickly. The parts are available around the world, so replacement parts can be obtained quickly.

Although the batching system is much faster, the control interface is exactly the same as the RC3 control users have come to know. No specialized operator training is required to run the new system if they have used the RC3 in the past.

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