Carlson Announces The Release Of The EZR208


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Carlson EZR208
Carlson EZR208 Platform

New Screed Brings the EZR2 Platform to the 8-foot Market

Tacoma, WA – March 6, 2018 – Carlson Paving Products, the industry’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving screeds, announced the company’s newest platform: the EZR208. Unveiling the news at the 2018 World of Asphalt Show in Houston, TX, the 8-foot EZR2 completes the Tacoma-manufacturer’s lineup of rear-mount highway-class screeds available for all current North American paver models.

“The addition of the EZR208 to our line of highway-class screeds is a historic milestone for Carlson,” explained Chris Colwell, President of Carlson Paving Products, Inc. “The EZR210, released at World of Asphalt in San Antonio six years ago, has quickly established itself as the new rear-mount leader in the industry through its award-winning mat quality and exceptional wide width ability. With the introduction of the EZR208 platform, we are able to give the 8-foot rear-mount market the screed they have wanted.”

Featuring a standard paving width of 8’ to 15’6” and weighing 7,800 lbs., the EZR208 achieves superb mat quality and ride uniformity with its class-leading 20-inch deep, single piece screed plates. Providing more screeding surface area than competitive screeds, the EZR2’s screed plates not only achieve higher mat quality but also produce longer component lifecycle.

The EZR2’s screed plates are paired with state-of-the-art heating elements held in place by full length hold downs, providing even, efficient heat transfer to the upper surface of the plate. Like all Carlson screeds, the EZR2’s element hold downs all the ability to change out elements without the need to drop the plate.

Like its 10-foot brother, the EZR208 is engineered with Carlson’s exclusive extension support system that provides unequalled strength even at 22-feet with bolt-ons. Whereas competitive models rely solely on the chrome rods for strength and support, the EZR208 features Carlson’s exclusive extension support system with a high strength tubular frame to which the chrome rods are firmly fixed to. This means the chrome rods only act for fluid inboard and outboard motion, while the high strength frame provides leading extension rigidity and elimination of flex at wide widths.

Carlson, long a leader in providing crews intuitive platforms for safer, more comfortable operation, continues to do so with its new 8-foot rear mount platform. Featuring deep telescoping walkways, the EZR208 creates a safer operating platform while the low profile extensions provide leading line of sight to the paver’s augers and head of material. Operator comfort is furthered by the standard equipped vibration absorption pads located at each operator station. Conveniently located cup holders, tool trays and legendary Carlson oven, available for most tractor builds, all come standard to make the EZR208 the leading 8-foot rear mount platform for comfort, performance, and safety.

The EZR208, like all Carlson screeds, is offered through OEM paver manufacturers and available through any North American dealer that carries a major highway-class paver line.


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