Telestack, Ltd.

Omagh, Northern Ireland

+44 (0) 28 8225 1100

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Products And Services:

  • Ship Loaders and Unloaders
  • Radial Telescopic Stackers
  • Track Mounted Conveyors
  • Mobile Truck Unloaders
  • Bulk Reception Feeders
  • Mobile Hopper Feeders
  • Reclaim Hoppers

Telestack offers a range of mobile bulk material handling solutions that are used in ports and inland river terminals, mines, quarries, power stations, steel mills and cement plants.

Telestack's solutions are used for vessel loading/unloading, stacking, reclaiming and rail wagon loading/unloading of dry bulk materials. The end users are some of the biggest companies in their chosen industries and they rely on Telestack's proven record of performance to develop customized solutions for their bulk handling facilities. It's externally audited procedures ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) ensures Telestack has the processes in place to deliver what the customer ordered on time, within budget and to the expected quality standards. Robust designs and innovative assembly designs allow Telestack equipment to be easily packed into shipping containers and quickly assembled on site anywhere in the world ensuring Telestack is competitive globally.

Reporting Group:
Telestack TU2018R Truck Unloader
Telestack TU2018R Truck Unloader — the largest Truck Unloader in the international market — as it prepares for transportation to a large multi-national customer in North America.
Telestack TU1016 Truck Unloader
Telestack TU1016 Truck Unloader loading grains to barges at the Port of Barranquilla in Columbia.
Telestack TU 1016 R Truck Unloader and TS 1242 Radial Telescopic Shiploader
Telestack TU 1016 R Truck Unloader and TS 1242 Radial Telescopic Shiploader — shiploading at Port of Imbituba, Brazil at 750 m³/hr.
Telestack TC 431 Radial Tracked Conveyor
Telestack TC 431 Radial Tracked Conveyor stockpiling sand in Germany.
Titan S450-6 Bulk Reception Feeder
The Telestack Titan S450-6 Bulk Reception Feeder is a “truck to plant” system which eliminates the double handling of material by loading directly into the production facility in a controlled manner.
TB52 Export All Wheel Travel Shiploader
The unique All-Wheel Travel design offers unrivaled mobility and flexibility to the user and the enhanced modes of steering ensures reduced hatch change times.
Aggstack TS 36-140 Low Tail Radial Telescopic Conveyor
The Aggstack TS 36-140 Low Tail Radial Telescopic Conveyor is the value added mobile conveying system designed to meet the needs of the quarry, aggregate, sand and gravel markets.
TS850 Radial Telescopic Conveyor
Based on a concrete plinth, the TS850 radial telescopic conveyor is used to load grain onto vessels allowing the entire vessel to be loaded effectively from one feed in point.