Peterson Pacific Corp.

Eugene, OR USA

(800) 269-6520

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Products And Services:

  • Whole Tree Chippers
  • Whole Tree Debarkers
  • Horizontal Grinders
  • Blower Trucks and Trailers
  • Screening Equipment
  • Asphalt Shingle Shredders

Peterson Pacific Corp. is a Eugene, Oregon based manufacturer of grinders, chippers, debarkers, screens and blower trucks that serve a wide variety of markets.

The company has 110,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space with a capable and innovative engineering group. Peterson machines are sold and supported through a worldwide network of distributors and direct sales and service representatives.

Peterson Horizontal Grinders reduce wood, low value logs and other organic materials; the reduced material is used in the compost, mulch and biomass energy markets. Peterson grinders can also reduce certain construction and demolition materials such as asphalt shingles that can then be recycled and used in hot mix asphalt paving. Peterson drum and disc chippers and debarkers are used to produce wood chips for pulp and paper production as well as biomass energy markets. Peterson blower trucks and trailers are used to broadcast compost and mulch for landscaping and erosion control. Peterson deck screens are used for classifying materials to maximize the value of each product. Many Peterson machines are available in either electric or diesel power depending on the application. For increased mobility at a job site, both tracked and wheeled versions of many of their products are available.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in producing machines that turn low-grade organic materials into high value products.

Reporting Group:
Industries Served:
Peterson 6910D tracked disc chipper
The all-new Peterson 6910D tracked disc chipper is used in tandem with a Peterson 6800 flail and is designed for high-volume, mobile, clean chipping operations.
Peterson 4310B Drum Chipper
The highly mobile Peterson 4310B Drum Chipper is popular with biomass chipping operations.
Peterson’s Blower Trucks and Trailers
Peterson’s Blower Trucks and Trailers are an ideal tool for erosion control and landscape materials delivery.
Peterson 2750C Horizontal Grinder
An all-electric Peterson 2750C Horizontal Grinder reduces asphalt shingle tiles in California.
5710D horizontal grinder
Peterson’s popular 5710D horizontal grinder packs a winning combination of size and power, making it the market leader in the 1000hp category.
Peterson 2710C Horizontal Grinder
A Peterson 2710C Horizontal Grinder makes biomass for energy production in Korea.
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