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Tacoma, WA USA

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Products And Services:

  • Highway Class Asphalt Screeds
  • Commercial Class Asphalt Pavers
  • Asphalt Screed Attachments
  • Mobile Equipment Lighting

Founded in 1986 in Tacoma, Washington, Carlson Paving Products has grown to become the asphalt paving industry’s leader in screeds, attachment innovations and commercial paver platforms.

Carlson Paving Products, Inc., acquired by Astec Industries in 2000, is the preeminent leader in highway- class asphalt screeds in North America and Australia. Building an impressive array of seven platforms in front-mount, rear-mount and fixed width orientations, Carlson has become the foremost expert on screed design and performance stretching back to the industry’s first power extendable screed in 1982. With their flagship screeds in the EZIII, EZIV, EZV and EZR2 all able to be mounted to nearly any highway- class tractor for the North American and Australian markets, contractors are able to achieve unsurpassed mat quality and unequaled wide width ability with Carlson’s leading platforms.

Along with its full range of highway-class screeds, Carlson continues to lead the way in attachment technologies that are helping make roadways safer, last longer, and improve jobsite safety. From the Carlson Safety Edge, enabling contractors to easily create thirty degree roadway edges, to the revolutionary Joint Density Attachments that are improving density figures at the longitudinal joint, Carlson’s attachment combine high performance, heavy-duty quality and ease of use. Carlson has also emerged as a leader in work zone and mobile equipment lighting with the original LED Blade LightTM, the only directional lighting platform that eliminates glare, insects, heat and that can be run on AC and DC power sources.

Carlson has also become a leader in the commercial paving class with its leading CP paver platforms in the CP100 and CP75. With their heavy-duty designs, contractor focused controls and class leading screeds, Carlson’s commercial platforms have become the contractor’s choice of paver for reliability, paving performance and quality.

With strong momentum and an ever increasing lineup of industry leading platforms, Carlson Paving Products, Inc. heads into 2016 with an optimistic outlook and expanded opportunities domestically and abroad.

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Industries Served:
Carlson CP100
CP100: Combining its highway-class build, industry-leading commercial-class screed, and the most options available to meet the demands of any jobsite, the CP100 has quickly become the commercial contractor’s choice of paver.
Carlson CP100
CP75: With its innovative High Flow Material ConveyorTM and class-leading screed, the CP75 delivers high performance and unmatched mat quality in an economical commercial paver platform.
Carlson EZR2
The EZR2 utilizes a unique extension support system that gives the platform greater rigidity at wide widths compared to other rear-mounts in its class.
Carlson LED Blade Light
Carlson EZIV: Available for nearly all North American and Australian highway-class tractors built by the major paver manufacturers, the EZIV is the most awarded, most recognized and most demanded front mount screed in the industry.
Carlson EZIV and EZV Screeds
From interstates to racetracks, the EZIV and EZV give contractors a wide range of versatility while delivering impeccable mat quality and unequaled reliability at any width.
Carlson EZV
Carlson EZV: The next generation of front-mount screeds, the EZV combines unparalleled versatility, unmatched wide width ability and unequaled mat quality in a platform available for nearly all North American 10’ tractors.
Carlson Safety Edge
Carlson Safety Edge: Leading the way for safer roadway conditions for motorists, the Carlson Safety Edge is the most trusted and most popular device for creating 30 degree roadway edges mandated on an increasing number of state and rural jobsites.
LED Blade Light
LED Blade Light: Able to be powered by AC and DC power sources, the Carlson LED Blade Light is the only LED work light that brilliantly illuminates mobile platforms and flagging stations while eliminating dangerous glare, heat and insects for safer, more comfortable jobsites.