Astec Corporate Governance


Board of Directors

  • William D. Gehl
    Chairman of the Board
    Chairman of Freightcar America,
    Chairman of IBD of Southeast Wisconsin

  • Barry Ruffalo
    President and
    Chief Executive Officer

  • James B. Baker
    Managing Partner,
    River Associates Investments, LLC.
    (1,4) - Audit Committee, Chair

  • Tracey H. Cook
    (AMECO) American Equipment Company, Inc.

  • William G. Dorey
    Former CEO & President,
    Granite Construction, Inc.
    (1,4) - Compensation Committee, Chair

  • Daniel K. Frierson
    Chairman and CEO,
    Dixie Group, Inc.
    (1,2,3) - Nominating & Corp. Governance, Chair

  • Mary L. Howell
    Founder and CEO,
    Howell Strategy Group

  • Charles F. Potts
    Chairman of Heritage Construction Materials

  • William B. Sansom
    Chairman & CEO,
    The H.T. Hackney Company

  • Brad Southern
    Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

  • Glen R. Tellock
    President and CEO,
    Lakeside Foods, Inc.

  • (1) Audit Committee
    (2) Nominating & Corporate Governance
    (3) Executive Committee
    (4) Compensation Committee

Corporate Executive Officers

On the corporate level, Astec Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTE) consists of a small group of executive officers and staff who provide strategic direction and coordination, funding and oversight to a family of operating subsidiaries. Each company has its own management team with the industry experience and technical expertise to enable that company to grow and prosper in its target market. Each of the Astec companies has considerable autonomy and flexibility to organize and equip itself in a manner that maximizes its opportunities in its target market.

  • Barry Ruffalo
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Becky Weyenberg
    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • Matt Litchfield
    Chief Information Officer
  • Jaco van der Merwe
    Group President
  • Jeff Schwarz
    Group President
  • Tim Averkamp
    Group President
  • Michael Norris
    Vice President, International
  • Scott Barker
    Senior Vice President, Innovation
  • Greg Oswald
    Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence
  • Stephen C. Anderson
    Vice President of Administration, Corporate Secretary and Director of Investor Relations
  • Robin A. Leffew
    Corporate Controller

Subsidiary Executive Officers

Infrastructure Group
Aggregate and Mining Group
Energy Group