Astec Corporate Governance


Board of Directors

  • William D. Gehl (1)
    Chairman of the Board
    Chairman of Freightcar America,
    Chairman of IBD of Southeast Wisconsin

  • William G. Dorey (1,3)
    Former CEO & President,
    Granite Construction, Inc.
    Compensation Committee, Chair

  • William B. Sansom (1,2)
    Chairman & CEO,
    The H.T. Hackney Company

  • Barry Ruffalo
    President and
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Daniel K. Frierson (1,2)
    Chairman and CEO,
    Dixie Group, Inc.
    Nominating & Corp. Governance, Chair

  • Brad Southern (1,3)
    Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

  • James B. Baker (1,3)
    Managing Partner,
    River Associates Investments, LLC.
    Audit Committee, Chair

  • Mary L. Howell (1,2)
    Founder and CEO,
    Howell Strategy Group

  • Glen R. Tellock (1,3)
    President and CEO,
    Lakeside Foods, Inc.

  • Tracey H. Cook (1,3)
    (AMECO) American Equipment Company, Inc.

  • Charles F. Potts (1,2)
    Chairman of Heritage Construction Materials

  • (1) Audit Committee
    (2) Nominating & Corporate Governance
    (3) Compensation Committee

Executive Leadership Team

On the corporate level, Astec Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTE) consists of a small group of executive officers and staff who provide strategic direction and coordination, funding and oversight to a family of operating subsidiaries.

  • Barry Ruffalo
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Becky Weyenberg
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Litchfield
    Chief Information Officer
  • Jaco van der Merwe
    Group President
  • Tim Averkamp
    Group President
  • Michael Norris
    Senior Vice President, International and Aftermarket Sales
  • Greg Oswald
    Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence
  • Stephen C. Anderson
    Senior Vice President, Administration and Investor Relations
  • Reuben Srinivasan
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Todd Burchett
    Vice President, Strategic Accounts
  • Anshu Pasricha
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary